QR Ordering in your Restaurant

In the 1.5 meter economy, let your guests order with their own device. More turnover, less personnel costs and 23% more turnover per order!

QR Ordering Foodticket
QR Ordering

Table Orders

Have your guests scan a QR code at the table and then place an order via their own mobile phone. You will receive a unique QR code from us for each table that is linked to the table numbers on your cash register. Your guests can then order extra, order drinks in between, call an employee or ask for the bill. All orders are then automatically sent to your checkout and, if desired, automatically printed on one or more printers.

QR Ordering

Skip the Line

QR ordering is also a good solution for your takeaway guests, for example to shorten the waiting time in your restaurant. By hanging a QR code in and / or outside your restaurant, the customer can scan the QR code with his own mobile phone. After scanning the QR code, the guest will see the menu to immediately place an order and pay. The guest will then see an order number on his phone and when the order is ready the order number will appear on an order number screen. Don't want to invest in an order number screen? Then you can also choose to send a message to the customer's phone.

QR Ordering

More Profit, Less Costs

QR ordering naturally ensures ease of ordering for your guests and shorter waiting times. But did you know that there are many more advantages to ordering via QR? Research shows that your guests spend on average 23% more via QR. This is because the guest is always tempted by our smart software to, for example, order an extra side dish and / or a drink. The technical settings for our QR solution have endless possibilities in the form of up- and / or cross-selling. In addition, QR ordering ensures that you have less staff costs.

QR Ordering

1,5 Meter Proof

We know better than anyone that your restaurant is currently facing an enormous challenge, namely providing good service in a 1.5 meter economy due to the situation regarding COVID-19, Corona. It is not only a challenge to comply with the rules of the RIVM, you also have to make sure that your guests feel safe in your restaurant. By giving your guests the option to have QR orders placed in your restaurant, with their own phone, you show the customer that you are doing everything you can to avoid personal contact as much as possible and this will increase trust.