Order Kiosk for your Restaurant

Place an order kiosk in your restaurant and let your customers place their own orders with higher sales per order!

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Order kiosks for More sales, less costs

Order Kiosks for Increased Sales, Lower Expenses

Order kiosks have become extremely popular in recent years. And for a reason! Did you know that research shows that guests on average of spend 23% More when they place an order on a kiosk? This is because the guests are always tempted by smart software to order an extra side dish and / or, for example, a drink. The technical settings for our kiosk has endless possibilities in the form of up- and / or cross-selling. In addition, a kiosk ensures less personnel costs!

Restaurant kiosk reduced staff costs

Shorter waiting time

In addition to More turnover and less personnel costs, a kiosk also ensures shorter waiting times for the guest. By deploying multiple kiosks, your customer no longer has to queue and you save the guest a lot of frustration. In addition, your guest will appreciate that he or she can orientate themselves without feeling rushed by the other guests. Being able to view the offer in peace also results in higher spending!

The kiosk provides extra ease of ordering

Better customer experience with order kiosks

By letting guests order at your kiosk, you create an improved experience for your guest in your restaurant in addition to ordering convenience, because it leaves a professional impression on the consumers. If the screen is not used, the screen can show advertising videos and / or images with offers and / or promotions. Place the screen close to the entrance and entice passing consumers to enter your restaurant.

Kiosk price

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Kiosks are known for being extremely expensive. Foodticket will change that by making it interesting even for smaller restaurants from now on, without compromising on quality. Foodticket offers a 32-inch touchscreen, industrial order kiosk, made entirely of steel, including an ATM, thermal receipt printer and a warranty for only €3999, - excluding VAT (payment in installments possible).

The restaurant kiosk has various mounting options such as single-sided or double-sided on a standing frame with cable feed to the ceiling or via the ground. You can also choose to mount the kiosk on the wall to save space.